World-class chain lubrication

Liquid KRYPTONITE and Molten KRYPTONITE are the only chain lubricants that combine the unsurpassed properties of pure paraffin, with extremely friction-reducing additives from The Plant Kingdom!

1)The type of high load contact that occurs between

the chain rollers and pins.

2)Nevertheless, we recommend the use of protection when working with the Liquid, as well as the molten KRYPTONITE. And keep it out of reach of children.

BIKE BUMS proudly presents our updated version of the success LINK LOTION: "Liquid KRYPTONITE"! It is the world's first fractional friction chain lubricant, with a super-high percentage of paraffin, now enhanced with BIKE BUMS' KRYPTON, an extremely eco-friendly, friction-reducing additive mixture, provided by Mother Nature! Also new is our hot wax "Molten KRYPTONITE" – concentrated KRYPTON forced into solid paraffin! Endless test sessions and tribulations have finally ended up in these incredibly effective lubricants! See our BRUTAL test session below, or here!

NOTE! Liquid (and Molten) KRYPTONITE is not an instant "oil" lubricant!

It needs time to dry and thereafter to be "activated"!

Hard facts

• Liquid KRYPTONITE is a water-based, energy-saving paraffin-saturated emulsion with a very high linear contact1) bearing capacity.

• Liquid KRYPTONITE contains only pure paraffin, natural friction reducers, and water, plus a small amount of eco-friendly, non-hazardous emulsifiers2).

• Liquid, as well as Molten KRYPTONITE, are both extra dry, dirt-, water- and mud-repellent super-lubes.

• KRYPTON contains no solvents, toxins, or eco-nasty ingredients whatsoever.

• Liquid and Molten KRYPTONITE, are effective even down to –10°C / 14°F.

• Liquid and Molten KRYPTONITE, are handcrafted in Sweden.

Should be stored in a cool place!

Beating the Best! KRYPTON shows its unique qualities!

Brutal, comparative friction-and-wear-tests, under heavy load, have been executed at BIKE BUMS' Laboratories.

The whole test procedure, and final outcome, are clearly presented in this video. Watch it here or on our YouTube channel.

The advantages of our plant-based mixture of KRYPTON speak for themselves, and even we are astounded by the result.

We thought that only a fight between the real giants would be interesting, so we gathered the biggest brands into an honest but brutal duel. And we can promise that we made an effort to make the fight really honest and fair!

Innovation motivation

A few words from our founder

Ulf Palenius

Founder and inventor

’Zero bullshit, but a whole lot of paraffin!’ That was the motto and goal of the whole development process for BIKE BUMS’ original LINK LOTION.

I got tired of the big manufacturers’ misleading marketing methods and the absence of an honestly highly efficient and truly eco-friendly bicycle chain lubrication, meeting professional demands.

I got tired of the big manufacturers describing their products as ’dry lubricant’ when they turn out to be very sticky and never dries; ’water-resistant’ while solving almost immediately in water; ’eco-friendly’ even if it contains boron-nitride, fluoro-polymers, and nano-ceramic additives.

But most of all I really missed a pro-class super low friction chain lubricant, based on water and a huge amount of paraffin, exceeding 50%, and with zero eco-nasty additives.

So, that's how the challenge was triggered and the long research process launched. Wich now has landed in our new super-lubes: Liquid, as well as molten, KRYPTONITE!