This is who we really are

Once upon a time, BIKE BUMS was a bunch of bicycle enthusiasts who decided to make some silly YouTube videos on biking and other stuff. Nowadays BIKE BUMS is a bunch of bicycle enthusiasts who also like to produce some useful gear that makes biking easier and even more fun.

Due to some unknown reason, our eyes fell on chain lubrication. There is only a couple of thousands of competitors in that business out there so, how hard could it be?

And sooner than later we found that the nerdy subject friction, wat-saving and chain lubrication isn't as dull as one might think! It's way duller. Perfect for us!

Well, we looked further into it and also found that the business is full of bulls_t. See more about it here.

Anyway, the challenge trigged us to start cooking and experimenting, and doing our research. We realized that our own bike riding had to stand back for a while. But what we didn't realize was that it had to stand back for months!

But no complaints, it all ended up in a lot of fun work and finally BIKE BUMS' LABORATORIES – The Lube Challenger Of Sweden, our first merchandise: LINK LOTION! And now: KRYPTONITE!

Let us know you better, and answer your questions